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Bojangles is the top restaurant that offers the best deals to its customers via redeemable coupons. These benefits and coupons are limited to the E-Club members of the company. Well, if you are a lover of non-veg foods and tasty chicken cuisines and biscuits, then you have to become their member quickly. We all love discounts and coupon and this is the marketing strategy which has helped the business grow their revenues multiple-fold. The best part is that the customer always wins as the competition in the market grows. It feels extremely amazing to save some bucks while enjoying the tastiest food in the town at Bojangles Restaurants.

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All the Bojangles E-Club members are alerted about the latest offers at their outlets before others. This is why you will find all the best offers go away and think it was a marketing tactic whereas the case is different. It will be extremely simple to become a Bojangles E-Club member after reading this article, Well, without making you wait any further, let us tell you all the steps to enter the list of E-Club members at Bojangles.

How to Become an E-Club Member and Win Coupons?

To become an E-Club member of Bojangles, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, visit the official Bojangleslistens website on
  2. Search for the E-club registration form on the website. Click the link after you locate it.
  3. Enter your Email Address, First Name, Last Name and Zip Code in the fields displayed.
  4. Next, choose your favorite food items from the list of available options in the dropdown menu.
  5. Now, select your birthday month and date from the drop-down.
  6. Click on the Sign-Up button to complete the registration form.

Good News, you are now a member of the Bojangles E-Club. It is now your time to save bucks while hosting parties at Bojangles with friends and family.

Benefits Offered to E-Club Members

Bojangles has this program wherein they give E-Club memberships and obviously, it has a lot of benefits. The E-Club members at Bojangles get to access the latest deals and discounts before they are made public to the other customers. Eventually, customers think that discounts are just a marketing tactic little do they know about this membership program. The best part about the program is that it is entirely free and easy to join as well.

Some of the benefits of becoming an E-Club member is:

  1. Digital fill of hot news
  2. Savory Deals at Bojangles
  3. Hefty Discount and Customized Meal orders
  4. A free Bo-Berry Biscuit on your birthday every year

How to Reach out to Bojangles?

Are you having issues with services or want to leave feedback for Bojangles?. You can get in touch with the customer service team on the below contact:

Toll-Free Number  1 -800- 366- 9921
Address 9432 Southern Pine Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273
Official Website

Final Words

Now, you will be a member of the Bojangles E-Club and start receiving deals and offers every now and then. You will be getting exclusive member coupons which will be redeemed for hefty discounts at Bojangles outlets. Special party and meal orders are also served to the E-Club members. We hope this article guided you through all the necessary steps to becoming a Bojangles E-Club member. Still, have any issues bothering you?. Well, we are always there to help you out with anything you feel like. Feel free to comment down below or use our Contact us form to reach out to us.

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