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Top FAQ About Bojangles

How to Donate or be a Sponsor at Bojangles?

You can be a part of the Bojangles community very easily. Bojangles believes “We enjoy not only being in a community but part of a community”. All you have to do is to fill this partnership form to donate or become a partner/ sponsor at Bojangles.

Where can I receive Coupons?

Customers can receive Bojangles heavy discount coupons by joining their E-Club. You can find the guide to join Bojangles E-club here. The good news is you will get a coupon that can be redeemed for a free half gallon of Bojangles Legendary Iced Tea.

How to Become an E-Club Member at Bojangles

E-Club members at Bojangles get to know about the upcoming offers and get discount coupons before other customers. This makes individuals be a part of this program. You can checkout our post on how to become an E-Club member at Bojangles here.

How can I buy a gift card or check my balance?

The only way to buy Bojangles gift card is through their offline stores. Currently, there are no online gift card sales hosted by the company.

Where can I find nutritional information about Bojangles’?

The nutritional information about the cuisines at Bojangles can be found on their official website.

Where can I download or make a suggestion about BoRewards?

Open your browser and type in the URL bar. Download the BoRewards app displayed on the screen and you can make your suggestions.

How to Open a Bojangles Franchise?

Bojangles is welcoming new franchise owners with open arms. Visit the official franchising section of the restaurant on their website to enquire about it. Fill out the franchise enquiry form on the official website or call the franchise department directly on the phone number: 1-501-510-1175.

What are the Requirements to Fulfill to Open a Bojangles Franchise?

Bojangles is looking for motivated, positive attitude and experience professionals to become their franchise owners. There are no specific requirements as such but a prior business experience in the restaurant domain is an added advantage. Some things which the company takes into consideration in potential franchise business owners are:

  • Business Experience
  • Financial Qualification
  • Track record Personal success
  • Motivation and Business Skills

The main aim of checking these skills is that the company wants to grow exponentially and want people who understand their business. There are a lot of people who want to be in the list of Bojangles franchise owners but only a few are selected. The selected franchise owners have to undergo a comprehensive training program before starting their individual operations.

What are the Fees to Pay to become a Franchise Owner?

Bojangles charges a fee of $25,000 for each restaurant. Other than that, the Franchise disclosure agreement will clearly mention the Royalty and Marketing development fund fees.

What is the Financial Help from Bojangles?

As of now, Bojangles is not into financing its franchise restaurants. This is why the restaurant company is looking for business owners having the financial capacity to fund the development and operations costs. If you are someone who needs funding, you may lend the funds from the third-party lenders associated with Bojangles. The franchising department of the company will brief you about the same.


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