How to Find Bojangles Restaurant Nearby?

Are you looking for nearby Bojangles restaurants?. Then, you are in the right place as we will tell you how to find Bojangles near your location. It is really simple to locate this famous restaurant with its official Store Locator on the website. Unlike other restaurants, Bojangles has a heavy investment in technology like apps, store locators, customer support, etc.

There are multiple ways to look out for Bojangles near your location. Different websites suggest different ways to do that although none of them mention all the ways. To fill this gap, we have curated this article which will give all the ways to find Bojangles restaurant near your location. This would just eliminate the time and money consumed to travel at a far away Bojangles outlet.

Without further more ado, let’s see how can you find Bojangles nearby now!.

Ways to Find Bojangles Nearby

There are three ways to look out for Bojangles restaurant nearest to you. To find them, use any of the preferred ways. You need a smartphone running either Android or iOS, a decent Internet connection, and some basic tech knowledge. The process of finding a Bojangles Restaurant nearby is super simple. All you need to do is choose any of the ways mentioned below and follow some simple steps.

Bojangles Store Locator

Bojangles official website has this store locator which geolocates you and displays the ones which are closest to you. Customers can use the store locator of the official website by clicking here. You have to enter your city, state, or Zip code to find nearby Bojangles outlets. There is an option named “Use my location” which once clicked will also display a list of nearby outlets.

Use Google Maps

Where other apps fail, Google maps come into play. If you are low on internet connectivity or a big fan of Google maps, use it to locate a nearby Bojangles store. The best advantage of Google Maps is that it will work with slower internet too. Tap on the Google Maps app on your smartphone and just search for Bojangles Restaurant and select the nearest one to dine in.

Bojangles Official App

The last option is to use the Bojangles official application. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Bojangles mobile app has Bojangles Navigator which will do the work for you blazingly fast. The app is quite small in size and would take a few minutes to download, depending on your Internet connection.

Bojangles app gives the accurate location of the Bojangles outlets nearby. In case you are wondering how the app works, then let me tell you about that too. The Bojangles application makes use of your phone GPS just like any other navigation app and geographically located the nearest store location.

How to Get in Touch With Bojangles?

Are you having issues or want to offer any feedback or suggestion?. Bojangles is offering a dedicated customer service team right at your service.

We request you to be specific about your query while getting assistance from the support team. You may ask any issues bothering you but make sure you don’t end up asking silly stuff which would eventually waste time and resources.

You can get in touch with the support team at Bojangles here:

Toll-Free Number: 1 -800- 366- 9921

Office Address: 9432 Southern Pine Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273

Official Website:

The Bojangles team is quite active on twitter which is why customers prefer addressing their concerns on by tweeting to their account. You can contact them on twitter as well if you are a techie kind of a person.


BojangleListens is one of the best ways to help Bojangles improve on its food, service and overall customer experience. Moreover, you get a free super delicious Sausage biscuit from them in return for the favor. We hope this article was helpful enough to help you locate nearby Bojangles restaurant. We recommend you to try out the ways mentioned in the article to find a Bojangles Restaurant near your location. You can reach out to us in case of a query or if you would like us to give solutions to more questions. Feel free to share your experience with Bojangles and their survey in the comment box below.

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